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Early Help Offer in Warrington

In Warrington we know that children, young people and their families have different types of needs and sometimes they may require extra support. One way this extra support can be provided is through an Early Help Assessment. 

An Early Help Assessment can be completed by any professional, from any service, who is working with a child, young person or family. The Early Help Support Team’s role is to provide information, guidance and support to these professionals, we don’t work directly with children or families. 

An Early Help Assessment is completed in partnership with your family and also a range of different organisations such as the council, schools, health services, etc, in order to create a package of support that meets the needs of the whole family.  The assessment means everyone can make sure the support is working and making a difference.

An Early Help Review/Closure Plan ensures the correct level of support is provided for an individual/family at the right time, and it can be regularly reviewed to make sure the plan continues to meet the needs of the family, and prevents any issues getting worse. 

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