Our Values

At Gorse Covert we believe children’s Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education (SMSC) is just as important as academic success. Whilst we have special days and events to develop children’s skills in these areas, it is also something we live and breathe on a daily basis. Whenever there are opportunities to teach children about moral obligations or about how some cultures are different to ours, we will use those opportunities to further children’s understanding. All our lessons and daily activities give children the chance to develop their social skills and we support them with those skills to ensure they have a positive feeling of ‘belonging’. Our Collective Worship, RE and PSHE lessons give children the chance to develop their spirituality by reflecting on their beliefs and actions.

Please see our Gallery of photographs to see further examples of displays and events that demonstrate our commitment to developing children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. Our school facebook page is also a good place to see the work that goes on around school and how we foster these important skills.


As well as our British Values, we aim to teach other values to our children and encourage them to demonstrate them around school and home. Our 5Rs are the values we try to instill in our children.






Our 5Rs

British Values