Healthy School

Nationally, there is an obesity crisis and sadly almost 20% of children leave primary school at eleven already obese. For well over 10 years, Gorse Covert Primary has taken their role in educating children about healthy eating very seriously, having gained the National ‘Healthy Schools Award’. We are now committed to the School Food Plan which has the support of the Secretary of State for Education.

For further information please see the Food Plan website.

We are already doing many of the things on the plan asks for;

  • Children are only allowed healthy snacks such as cheese, fruit or toast
  • Packed lunch boxes cannot contain fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolates
  • Awards in school are not sweet treats
  • Our school dinners menu offers a balanced meal where children are always served vegetable or salad
  • We have an excellent Cook who makes the vast majority of food herself on site.
  • Good nutrition is taught in a variety of ways throughout school in our PSHE, Science and Design Technology curriculum.
  • As a school we actively encourage children to participate and enjoy our school dinners by having regular special themed days to increase take-up.
  • Children are encouraged to try new foods when studying food in Design Technology lessons and with taster pots in school dinner service kitchen.
  • We try to make lunch time a positive eating experience by allowing children to sit with their friends and staggering sittings to reduce queuing times and noise levels.
  • Children are all encouraged to stay hydrated with water bottles and there are drinking fountains throughout school.
  • We have a school garden and a Gardening Club who sometimes provide the kitchen with fresh vegetables and salad for the school dinners.