Gorse Covert Primary School has adopted the Warrington Agreed Syllabus for RE. We also do Collective Worship. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE and Collective Worship. Please speak to the headteacher if you wish to withdraw your child.

Agreed syllabus

RE Curriculum Statement

RE Curriculum overview

Collective Worship Policy


Personal, Social and Health Education is taught discretely but is also taught whenever there is an opportunity. It feeds through all our subjects, behaviour policy, Collective Worship and other whole school assemblies.

Our PSHE curriculum meets the new requirements for Relationships Education which is compulsory in all schools. PSHE also incorporates our Equality Curriculum and Sex Education which is outlined further below.

PSHE Curriculum Statement

PSHE Curriculum

Sex Education

As part of our PSHE curriculum, we also teach Relationships and Sex Education. Parents have the right to withdraw from the non-science, non-statutory components if they wish, but not the relationships education. Further information on what is taught or to discuss the withdrawal of your child, please speak to the headteacher. Please see our RSE Policy below.

RSE Policy