Being able to count, calculate and solve problems is a vital skill. At Gorse Covert Primary, we endeavour to develop these important skills, whilst also giving children a love of maths, confidence in their ability and the ability to reason, think logically and work systematically.

Power Maths

At Gorse Covert Primary we use Power Maths, which is a UK curriculum mastery programme, designed to spark curiosity and excitement.

Each lesson has distinct part to develop confidence and skills.

Discover-generating curiosity to solve a problem.

Share-sharing solutions to problems.

Think Together-the teacher demonstrates new learning and the children practise the learning.

Practice-children work independently to practise their new skills.

Reflect-where the children evaluate their understanding of the key concept and small step they have been trying to master in the lesson.

Maths Curriculum Statement

Maths Curriculum

KS1 Calculation Policy-Power Maths

Y3/4 Calculation Policy-Power Maths

Y5/6 Calculation Policy-Power Maths