Smart, tailored, plain, grey school trousers of waist height and ankle length.
Children may wear grey shorts in summer.

Smart, plain grey/navy skirt of knee length, no split or tiered skirts.
A blue and white checked dress in summer is optional.

Either a white polo shirt or white/blue shirt with a tie.

School jumpers
Either a school jumper or dark blue coloured jumper/cardigan.

All children must wear black or brown shoes.
No trainers (regardless of colour) or boots of any description.
No open toe sandals.

grey/black socks.
white/navy/black/grey tights or socks. No leggings.

Belts: We are happy for children to wear black belts if they fit within the belt loops of the trousers and are plain.

One small single stud in each ear lobe, one wrist watch.
No sleepers of any size and no large studs.

Hair bands/decoration and bobbles should be a reasonable size and either black/blue or white.
Long hair should be tied back.
No zigzags/stripes hair cuts.

Make Up:
No make up or hair colour.

Nail varnish:
Nail varnish should not be worn in school.