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The safeguarding of our pupils is of paramount importance. If you have any concerns about safeguarding, you should contact the Designated Senior Person (DSP) for Safeguarding in the school, Mrs Cooke.

DSP: Mrs Cooke        Deputy DSP: Mr Gibson            Tel: 01925 825070

Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Victoria Lawden

Prevent Officer: Brendan McKrilly 01606 362147

SPOC for Warington: Michelle Heritage 01925 442928

Safeguarding Policy

Safe Recruitment and Vetting policy

Online Safety Policy

Code of Conduct

Regular Visitors Handbook

Whistle-blowing policy

Security policy

Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism Policy

Acceptable User Policy 

Pupil Attendance Policy

After-School Club Policy


Internet Safe Filtering & Monitoring

Filtering: The school has a system provided by the local authority called Fortinet.  This will block all traffic that comes through the school’s network, including the school’s wireless, that is classified according to an international classification system as inappropriate.  This includes classifications in multi-languages and images, covering a range of material including extremism.

Monitoring: The school monitors internet access by:

– receiving a report on the most blocked websites from school network at least annually, sharing this with WBC ICT to assess the greatest risks/concerns (last review 27/09/16)

– training children to report (Kidsafe programme and E-Safety) and responding to all reports of inappropriate content, informing the LA as necesary (nothing was reportable for last 4 years).

-random reviewing of internet browsing histories

Statement from Warrington Borough Council regarding web filtering 

Rating for our Filtering provider-Fortinet

Documents from Parents E-Safety meeting

Protect your child online


How to disable a smart phone

Parent and Carers Checklist

Safeguarding in our Curriculum

Our PSHE Curriculum teaches children how to keep themselves safe. The areas highlighted in yellow in each year group are references to safeguarding themselves from possible abuse.

 Y1 and 2 Safeguarding

Y3 and 4 Safeguarding

Y5 Safeguarding

Y6 Safeguarding

Support for Parents

The Underwear Rule

NSPCC website

My Life Warrington