Physical Education

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Physical Education is taught in school for 2 hours per week. We have sports coaches to teach some of the curriculum and class teachers use ‘Real PE’ to teach the other areas of the curriculum.

After-school Activities

In addition to PE lessons we have a range of after-school activities which are based around sports and healthy lifestyles. We currently offer: Football, Dodgeball, Zumba, Netball and Gymnastics. Last term we also offered Judo and Cheerleading.

Competitive Sports

Our children have taken part in a number of competitive sports this year. We’ve had great results from our Netball and Football teams and we’ve also participate in Athletics and Hockey competitions. Every year we also hold our school Sports Day which includes individual and team races. We are proud to have achieved our School Games Bronze award and this year are hoping to achieve the Silver award.

Playground Friends

Our Lunch breaks also include a range of activities which are led by our wonderful Playground Friends. They provide a range of equipment and organised activities for all age groups.


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