Any concerns over safeguarding should be reported to Mrs Cooke, who is the Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding (DSP). 

Headteacher: Mrs C. Cooke

Deputy Headteacher: Mr R. Gibson

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs O Moat

SENCO: Mrs M. Nicolaidis

KS1 and EYFS Leader: Mrs C. Gilbert

Reception teachers: Mrs Nicolaidis and Mrs Gilbert       TA: Mrs Jones

Y1/2 teachers: Miss Ireland, Miss Tolley, Mrs Pennington      TAs:  Mrs Cooper, Mrs Owen, Mrs Barnes,  Mrs Moran, Miss Cole and Mr Rowbottom

Y3/4 teachers: Mrs Moat, Mr Jepson and Mr Keen    TAs: Mrs Anderton and Mrs Ng.

Y5/6 teachers: Mrs Gibson, Mr Dean, Miss Lawler and Mr Gibson  TA: Mr Rowbottom, Mrs Morris, Mrs Tonge

Music teacher: Mrs Lindsay

DSP: Mrs Cooke

Deputy DSP: Mr Gibson

Maintenance Officer: Mark Tregear

Evening Caretaker: Stewart Wilkes

Office Staff: Mrs Wilkes and Mrs Burgess

Midday Superviser: Mrs Kagioglou

Midday Assistants:  Mr Rowbottom, Mrs Dohoney, Mrs Bolton, Mrs Barnes, Mrs English, Mrs Moran, Mrs Tonge